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What Is FTTH?

Fibre To The Home refers to the use of optic fibre cables to provide unprecedented high-speed Internet access and other services, directly to individual residences, apartment buildings and businesses. FTTH dramatically increases the connection speeds available to computer users compared with copper based technologies like DSL, currently in common use.

Fibre is up to 250 times faster than today’s basic DSL broadband. Upload speed is more or less the same as download speed, which is great for video conferencing via Skype and for remote working. Fibre future-proofs your home.


What Is FTTB?

Fibre to the building (FTTB) is a type of fibre-optic cable installation where the fibre cable goes to a point on a shared property and the other cabling provides the connection to single homes, offices or other spaces. FTTB applications often use active or passive optical networks to distribute signals over a shared fibre-optic cable to individual households or offices.

Fibre to the building may also be known as fibre to the basement.