NetDirect introduces additional Connectivity Packages

That’s right, in addition to the expected 1Mb, 4Mb, 10Mb packages which are more or less industry standard NetDirect have added, due to customer demand, more intermediary connectivity packages.

Our current offerings are

Download Upload
1Mb 1Mb
2Mb 1Mb
2Mb 2Mb
4Mb 1Mb
4Mb 2Mb
4Mb 4Mb
5Mb 1Mb
5Mb 2Mb
5Mb 5Mb
6Mb 1Mb
6Mb 2Mb
6Mb 6Mb
8Mb 1Mb
8Mb 2Mb
8Mb 8Mb
10Mb 1Mb
10Mb 2Mb
10Mb 10Mb
20Mb 1Mb
20Mb 5Mb
20Mb 20Mb
30Mb 5Mb
30Mb 15Mb
30Mb 30Mb
50Mb 5Mb
50Mb 25Mb
50Mb 50Mb
100Mb 5Mb
100Mb 50Mb
100Mb 100Mb